of companies are Increasing investments in corporate social responsibility initiatives (Source: movingworlds.org)
of online consumers across 60 countries are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to sustainable social and environmental impact (Source: nielsen.com)
fortune 500 companies spend more than $15bn on corporate social responsibility (Source: Financial Times)
of a sample of 1,800 13-25 year olds wanted to work for a company that contributes to sustainable development (Source: forbes.com)



Do you strive for being socially responsible and do you want to share gained insights to a broader audience? We support your CSR on-boarding process, help to overcome resistance, to connect with like-minded corporates and to achieve a long term CSR-commitment.


Are you in need of assessing your impact on the triple bottom line (people-planet-profit) and with regards to your stakeholders? We support you to get insights on your current CSR-impact, focus on what areas to improve and with whom to partner with on this journey.


Do you need to know to what to do next? We support you in identifying effective initiatives and help to develop yours company's CSR-portfolio.


Do you want to act sustainably? We support you in enabling a sustainable corporate culture and to get things done while acting as facilitators and change agents. We are your partners on this journey.


The basic motivation to act sustainably as a business is to take responsibility for future generations and to contribute with own actions. Our contribution is to make your company and business in general more sustainable by engaging with you through BLUElegacy. We strongly believe in acting responsibly as a business requires strong involvement of stakeholders. The platform of our choice is the united nations global compact, thus we participate in the compact network Switzerland. 

Un Global Compact

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